Make Roofing Maintenance Easy

Make Roofing Maintenance Easy

Install a new flat roof on your building in Plant City, FL

Flat roofs have the advantage over many other roofing styles because they're so easy to maintain. When you need repairs or replacements, Rhino General Contracting, Inc. can easily climb on top of your roof and take care of everything for you. We'll tear off your old roofing, replace any damaged decking and install insulation and TPO roofing.

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Restore your flat roof in no time

Another benefit of flat roofing is how easy it is to restore. We can complete your flat roof restoration swiftly and easily. You won't have to lose much time to roofers hammering away above you.

When you hire us for service, we'll weld the seams of your roof shut to make sure they're watertight and won't lift up or curl in heat or bad weather. Once we've cleaned up the restoration or replacement site, the city inspector can come to verify the state of your roof.

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