Change Out Your Rusted Metal Roof

Change Out Your Rusted Metal Roof

Learn more about the roof replacements available in Plant City, FL

If you need to replace your metal panel roof, get in touch with Rhino General Contracting, Inc. for roof replacement services. We're ready to handle any roof replacement you might need. You can depend on us to tear off your old roof and dispose of the debris after the fact.

When replacing your roof, we will:

  • Strip your roof down to the plywood decking
  • Make sure your roof deck is up to code
  • Replace any rotted plywood
  • Install peel-and-stick underlayment

Our metal roofs are available in five different colors. Installations take anywhere from two to four days to complete.

Call now to schedule a roof replacement in the Plant City, FL area.

Trust us to take care of your roofing needs

Metal roofs are energy-efficient and durable. When you're ready for a new one, let us know. Your go-to roof replacement contractor can take care of the metal roof installation you need.

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